Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mother and child silhouettes

 I love these images.

 I have a sling similar to this color.  I've used it with my eldest and now with my second boy. 

Love the color combination of this.

I believe and can attest to the wonderful benefits of baby-wearing regardless whether you use a sling or carrier. Personally, I prefer using slings because they're easier to manage.  Slip it on and place the baby inside. Voila!  Hands free!  Unlike carriers, I have trouble with the buckles and the straps.  Plus they're bulky and heavy.  But to each is own so whichever works for you and your baby is good!

Breastfeeding will take up so much of your time but it's so worth it for the baby and for you.  Not only is it the best for your baby but also the best regimen to lose weight. My first child was purely breastfed until he was 2 1/2 years old.  

I've never tried breastfeeding while the baby is in the sling.. I'm too worried with spills and exposure that I always breastfeed in a comfortable sitting position.  To those who have done this, Kudos!

School Stuff

When the idea came to my head I immediately set out and made these.  It's that easy. 
Things you need: 
1. Old folder
2. Marker
3. Metal paper clips
4. Folder slider
5. Magnet (small)
6. Yarn
7. Scissors

Monday, March 4, 2013

super simple DIY project: Pendant Lamps

When time permits I surf the web for DIY projects that I can accomplish in a span of one-afternoon-nap of my son or project that I can do, without pressure and urgency to finish it, in staggered free time.

Here's a super simple project that I found very easy because for one, the materials are easily available. Local markets carry the basic material for this project. Second, I did this whenever I felt getting my hands dirty with glue. I didn't do it in one sitting, one of those projects that you can delay without feeling guilty for procrastinating.

I used rattan straw that I bought from the market few hours after seeing this on the web. After which I swung by Ace hardware to get the Wooden glue. And voila! My very own Pendant Lamp!

Of course it helps to have a handy-man like my Papa to install the electric wire and bulb socket...which for the most part is the hardest. The rest is glue, string and ball...dirty hands.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Iloilo's Dinagyang 2011

As early as November, the pounding of drums and other percussions could be heard in a distant.
While the town snores in slumber there is a group of people who breaks the silence of night with their nightly practice for the Dinagyang. As weeks closed in and more preparations have been made for the festival, I can't help but feel excited. For the local people, it's not a big deal anymore, never mind if this meant an economic burst for the days to come because of the influx of guests, foreigners and balik-bayans. Economy aside, I anticipated D'Day. And when it did.. Well... Here's my 2 cents worth of it (or should I say a thousand peso worth) because apparently for me to enjoy the whole spectacle of the Dinagyang parade I had to purchase a ticket that would sit me on a single mono-block chair amidst a crowd of hundreds under an improvised tin shaft. And for me to make sure I get to sit, I have to be 2 hours early, slither my way through the crowded city and find a vacant mono-block for my ass. Do I sound bitter?

Of course I am! With all the bitterness inside of me, I stood in the streets with the mass of people who patiently stood under the blinding heat, covered in shawls and hats. Umbrellas were not encouraged because it blocked people's view and it was too much of hassle to trudge along the crowd. So there we sat on the baking pavement, awaiting for the tribes to show case their dance.

Ati-Atihan Festival 2011

man at work for the spectator's pleasure

innovative craftsmanship of the locals

Filipino Ingenuity

Young Ati-ati

Labor of love